What type of photos will I get?

You will receive a gallery of beautiful images that reflect the essence of your family, showcasing your love for eachother. These photos will be snapshots of the moments you’ll want to hold onto as your kids grow older. They’ll be the images your kids will look back on in thirty years and hope to capture with their own families. No forced cheesy faces here! 


What can I expect during my session?

Fun! First and foremost, you can expect to have fun during a session with me! I tend to laugh a lot and I’ll make sure you do too. I gently direct you into scenarios that allow for your own family interactions to happen naturally. I do not pose families in a formal way or ask everyone to smile at the camera. In fact, I encourage you to do the opposite, and focus on one another rather than constantly worrying about where the camera is. I will encourage engagement between family members that allow for giggles and laughs to happen naturally.  Don’t worry, I have three kids of my own, so I have lots of little tricks to get kids engaged and laughing. So you get to relax and have fun with your crew while I do all the hard stuff!


Where will my session be held?

We’ll decide on a location together! Some families prefer an in-home session, for a more intimate feel, while others would rather get their crew outside to include a bit of their environment in their images. I have lots of favorite outdoor areas around the San Francisco Bay area that make for some pretty amazing photos.  I am happy to travel to Marin, the East Bay, and as far south as Carmel and Big Sur. Occasionally, you can find me in North Carolina!


What should I wear?

My biggest piece of advice is to wear what makes you comfortable, and what feels like you! The more comfortable you are in what you’re wearing, the more it will show in photos. If you love those beautiful long flowy dresses that billow in the San Francisco breeze, then I say bring it on! If you’re like me and live in jeans, there’s no shame in that! As a family unit it’s always nice to think about a color palette to keep things cohesive, but I always ask you to avoid being super matchy-matchy (you know, all white button downs, etc.). My job as your photographer is to capture the essence of you as a family, so dressing the part always keeps everyone at ease. I love it when families text me their outfit options prior to sessions- I'm happy to give advice if you're debating between outfits!