San Francisco Bay Area Photographer Amanda Anderson

i love simplicity...but I thrive in chaos.

Most of my mornings start with a good green smoothie, but I will never give up southern barbeque or cold beer on a sunny afternoon. I'm a hugger, not a hand shaker. I’m a pretty healthy mix of earthy with a touch of southern belle, and while it’s fun to dress up and feel pretty sometimes, I definitely prefer sweatpants and a worn in t-shirt. I'm the mother of three wild, yet undeniably tender, children under the age of 8. My husband and I are raising our little babes in California and praying they learn to live with an open mind and heart, and with a little bit of manners on the side.

My life is a bit messy and incredibly chaotic - but man, is it full of love. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In my photography, I strive to capture the somewhat controlled chaos that is family life. The fleeting, tender moments of a child’s youth. The look in a loved one’s eyes that no words could ever describe. These are the connections I am obsessed with. These are the moments we’ll all miss one day looking back. These are the moments I preserve so they’re yours to keep forever.



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