I love that moment between two people when their sheer joy for eachother shines from every inch of their being. I love that feeling you get when the sun warms your back and sprinkles a golden hue on everything it touches and the moment seems like it will never end. That warmth you get when you hold a newborn child and they seem to just melt into your arms, and you feel you'll never be able to put them down again. That giggle that errupts in a young child when they simply cannot contain their delight in something as simple as a firefly in the night sky.

I love people. I love love. And I love how people love one another. I can't get enough of it. I want to capture those moments for you to cherish for years and years.

I'm the mother of three wild, yet undeniably tender, children under the age of 6. I'm married to the beautifully bald man of my dreams who is the "Reuben to my Polly" ... the "Greg to my Darma." And our life together wouldn't be complete without our 104 pound golden retreiver who is confused as to whether he's a lap dog or a human. My life is beautifully chaotic and chalk full of love. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Based in San Francisco, I specialize in natural light photography, capturing the perfectly imperfect moments of a family's life together.





Family Portrait packages begin at $750. For more information regarding portrait pricing and options, please contact me.

Amanda Anderson is a San Francisco based photographer, using natural light to capture families' lifestyles and most honest connections with one another.